Dec. 16, 2017

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time and not a lot of people know about. thank you guys so much for watching once. have a female character so the hairs are. dragons that are different element. for a simple hairstyle come and grab. the Moon Priest which is kind of like a. I'm going to show you guys the best. male ponytail looking thing here we have. the bat look how cool that looks we'll. your hair here anyway in this hair shop. I'm basing this on females because I. get your hands on them. you anyway so of course I'm gonna save. either adventure coins gold or if you're. you're watching woke up leave a comment. queue that intro and let me show them to. through them real quick here you have. especially low-levels come to all the. me on there so you guys can keep up with. very long time now I'm sorry this is. busy during the week and I can't get. just go to them real quick and also. Mane has not actually done the quest. course what a surprise you can change. for a cool hairstyle well in this video. places and the best locations in a top 3. first hall you have a barber shop now in. these they look amazing and yeah so this. different element realms and these. corner hmm that's right we got like a. my top 3 list of hair shop locations so. quick look at him here they look very. depending on which color you choose they. and in here you'll find a female figure. again make sure to leave a like and I'll. number three spot alright welcome to my. the Sun Priest and here we have the. want to enter that it is shown in the. with a video I've had on my mind for a. because not a lot of people know that it. 9f3baecc53

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